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  1. c’est presque du barrès, senor regniez. presque. il y manque une allusion à la mort, la mort voluptueuse.ceci dit, vous avez bien raison. « l’évolution » est telle en france qu’aucun média de la qualité de celui de monsieur Bergé, éminent évolutionniste, ne rendit compte de la visite papale en allemagne. il faut dire que nos amis allemands, déchristianisés par la ddr comme le déplorait la cardinal lustiger, n’ont ..d’yeux que pour papaandreou (qui ferait bien de se payer une papamobile blindée).

  2. made me doubt my own analysis. They aren’t exactly accurate that often. The big problem with Romney is that he’s a poor communicator. Surprising, all things considered. His campaign has been horribly handled with, as I said, most of the blame resting on Romney and his flip flops, exaggerations, and coming across as opportunistic.As much as anything the Republicans need a good communicator to get the conservative message out. Bush wasn’t much of a communicator (arguably the worst in the post war era) and wasn’t much of a conservative either.

  3. True about the Canola Oil. I usually use MCT oil on low heat or some butter and I do at times have canola oil, Olive and safflower oil on hand BUT…. you will not die from using some canola oil. Stay away from EXCESS sugar and salt, exercise and don’t fret about every little thing you put in your mouth. If you do you’ll DIE from STRESS!! Thanks for watching..Dan.

  4. Jamil,I put my boots in the bindings on my skis when I hiked in the spring. I much prefer going in the winter though when I can skin up so I wear them the entire time. It’s a lot easier.Ben

  5. Great to have a comment from you guys – Thanks Scott & Susan. Hearing others talk about their patriotism has always moved me. But to hear the depth of feeling in these two pieces from people that we all know and love is particularly powerful. It is good to know that my friends & readers feel the same way.

  6. Poor you with this back making you suffer that much… I hope you will get better quickly ; being sick is really so annoying… But i can see that even if the back is bad, you can still take good picture, and that is really marvellous…I wish you well…Positive thoughts from France, my dear James…

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  8. instead of mindless shuffling of graphic layout styles, how about running a survey on what features users would like to have, let users vote and implement the most popular requests. I am sure that "put big block buttons on my channel" is not going to be high on the list

  9. A conclusão de os pobres não cortarem em despesas supérfulas, pode ser abusiva. Eu não estou a ver a maioria dos portugueses em dificuldades, a cortar na farmácia e na comida para manterem um estilo de vida ilusório. Há gente para isso, mas são apenas uma minoria que se destaca. A Nação Valente e Imortal ainda lá está, só que na penumbra, aguardando…

  10. “The cancer has been there for years before it is found but they push that ineffective chemotherapy because it’s vastly lucrative business??? ” What are you saying here? That cancer is perfectly natural and should be left in the body? Do you really believe that cancer when untreated causes no ill-effects? You’re a complete moron.

  11. Costanza: adequada, conciliando conforto e elegância, dá vontade de abraçar.E cheirar! Porque a ideia que passa é que deve estar tãããão perfumada!Allegra, um dia solta os cabelos (e que cabelos!!! a foto com Caio Braz deixou entrever) e abre um sorrisão (já ameaçou, rs)! Mas não há a menor pressa donzela!E vc, Consu, valoriza qualquer Prada!Beijos, e que os deuses abençoem a todos,lu.

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  13. Bonjour Wagrez,Désolé mais je ne suis pas d’accord avec vous, le principe de Peter ne s’applique pas au Etats-Unis pour la bonne et simple raison que là-bas si vous ne faites plus l’affaire (niveau d’incompétence atteint) vous êtes juste viré.C’est vrai aussi que les mentalités en France et dans les entreprises ont changé et que ce principe s’applique de moins en moins mais des poches de résistances existent tout de même

  14. I like figs both in my meal and in my perfume. So far my favorite fig is Jo Malone’s Wild Fig & Cassis (I ran it side by side with Philosykos and liked WF&C slightly more). One fig that was absolutely horrible on me was Annick Goutal’s Ninfeo Mio (but I enjoyed it on paper so it must be my skin).

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  16. Oui, moi aussi je l’aime bien. Encore plus l’homme que le joueur. Il est relax et plein d’humour, avec des déclarations souvent décalées, ainsi pour cette finale de Wimbledon où, battu par Federer il avait dit sur le central que s’il voulait gagner il lui faudrait boxer le Suisse, ça passait très bien. Il aime aussi bousculer un peu les journalistes en se montrant plus malin que les questions posées et ça passe aussi très bien.

  17. Każdy dzieÅ„ zaczynam od gorÄ…cej kawy z peÅ‚notÅ‚ustym mleczkiem (inaczej mi nie smakuje…), w weekendy obowiÄ…zkowo z jakimÅ› ciachem. Kawa mrożona wchodzi w grÄ™ dopiero w okolicach poÅ‚udnia :)Na hiszpaÅ„skiej wyspie na Atlantyku widziaÅ‚am kawÄ™ "on the rocks": najpierw gorÄ…cÄ… sÅ‚odzono, a potem przelewano do szklanki wypeÅ‚nionej kostkami lodu.I wychodzi na to, że ja też tylko tÄ™ kawÄ™ zauważyÅ‚am… 🙂

  18. Stacee… this is gorgeous! eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! So exciting. I'm dying to get my hands on a KISS album. I've done one with Willow Books that was just gorgeous but I hear the KISS albums are positively sublime. I'd love to hear more about how you do album design. Or better yet, see it. Wanna do a video tutorial? Katie and I will love you. Forever!!

  19. les marchés sont aussi les lieux ou se constitue les lobbys et qui leur donne une force de frappe économique permettant la capture du régulateur que tu décris. Ta vision manichéenne du marché ‘forcément’ neutre et du régulateur ‘forcément’ sous influence est simpliste. De plus le régulateur est soumis car la population est soumise, on ne peut pas reprocher au représentant de la population d’être aussi soumis que le corps electif dont il est issu !34745

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  21. Dan,?? Huh? Do you think I misrepresented the linked blog post? Look, I link things for a lot of reasons, and not everything I link I agree with. Reasons I link include: those things which I find interesting, which are provocative, which are funny, and are helpful. It appears I provoked you. Alas, that is on the list and will remain on the list. If however, you object to the post linked … comment on their blog. Start a discussion. Engage.

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  23. Waiting for an agreeable definition that suits every side will take too long….perhaps the reasoning here. But there is probable cause established in Arpaio's investigation with evidence to show, but nowhere to go in this regime's appointed persons willing to break laws themselves.

  24. Speaking as someone who is still not sure that global warming is anthropogenic, I still think all the action called for by eager and optimistic environmentalists is worth doing. There is simply *no downside* to finding new and clean sources of energy, and to adding efficiency to our energy-burning engines, and to being less wasteful and more far-sighted in how we allocate and spend our resources. None. Less waste equals more use, period. Everyone is wealthier.

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  26. Thank you for sharing a truly powerful story. We were fortunate to share a similar experience with our son for his confirmation. Finding people willing to take the time and work with our children makes such a difference in their lives.

  27. Carlos disse:Olá Alexandre. Gostaria de saber, quando você disponibilizará a nova versão? Estou esperando aquelas correções hein.. Essa variável fica no objeto flash que é adicionado no html quando é aberto a página swfuploadrnd=( id randomico gerado ) eu preciso mudar esse id de forma dinamica, pois sempre que eu enviar um video todos os dados do video fica na tela. Daí tenho 2 opções fazer um reflash da página ou alterar o id e form dinamica e apagar todos os dados da tabela de upload. O que me indica? Até porque estou te perguntando quando sairá a nova versão.

  28. I was actually an introvert before. I feel the pressure from the society and people around me, telling me to talk to be more social. But I figure out that the main reason why I was an introvert is because I was actually abused by my parents when I was young. So there is always a reason why people are acting as they are.Mark Sanders recently posted..

  29. Folks I’m not trying to make light of this situation that we’re in, but this subject has been discussed among part of us for months now, we have no more answers than we did the day we started. I’m just thankful that Mr. Balsamico has given us a place to come to and voice our opinions. We have to pull together, for United We Stand! And Mr. Bill, thank you so much for this site where we can all join together.

  30. He de subrayar el protagonismo de Verdana en la trama, alguien dijo que Times New Roman daría mayor prestancia y elegancia, pero yo me quedo con Verdana.Queremos una edición para los seguidores de Open Office y para los nostálgicos deberían sacar otra para Word Perfect.

  31. At least paying attention to polls and actually acting is an aspect of democracy. Wish our government in the UK would pay any attention to us at all, apart from at election time when they pretend to.

  32. , Lynda! There are so many behind-the-scenes details we do not know…and it will be a great day (or thousand years 🙂 when we are able to learn them all…when the eyes of our understanding are truly opened.Love to you! 🙂

  33. Ehh, én is végig olvastam még tegnap este az egész bestit és nem találtam ez így ma reggel érzékenyen érintett még jó, hogy nem emlékeztem rá Konklúziót legalább leszűrhettem. A bestiben több olyan faj is található amivel érdekes lehetne játszani…

  34. Hornet disse:Grifo,mas existe uma diferença entre o KC, que é parte de um negócio a ser feito, e o caça de cada país, que exigiria um envolvimento do país fabricante com ele sem condicionantes.mas como eu disse, o NG já não é mais assunto no FX2.essa conversa nossa faria algum sentido há 2 ou 3 meses atrás, agora já não faz mais.mas sempre é legal trocar idéia. Preciso ir dormir. Nos falamos amanhã ou outra hora, ok?abração meu caro

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  38. “Third-party candidates CANNOT win…”Sounds like dualism, and you know better than that. The only constant in the politcal universe is change. Shall we agree to see what the choices are before we decide? And can we agree that the objective is to change the political landscape, and that the tool used, Democratic or Independent is less important than the change?

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  40. “Indeed, it’s unlikely that someone like Adria or Blumenthal or, in the United States, Wylie Dufresne (he did the canapés at a party for the chefs at Trotter’s house) or Grant Achatz, two of this countries most notable practitioners of the avant garde.”You might want to have another go at that sentence.

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  43. It is my understanding that there is already what could be considered a growing gun war being covertly fought in the border states between the cartels and the U.S. security apparatus. It is also my understanding that there are armend and organized white supremacist groups getting in on the action. Where I live, along the I-35 corridor in Oklahoma, the media is promoting stories of kidnapping and sex-trafficking of the children of middle-class, white U.S. citizens. The face of one such missing child is currently plastered all over the electronic billboards throughout the OKC metro area.

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  50. « Virilité » par-ci, « virilité » par-là, et « je suis au-dessus de ça » par ce sont « les inconnues qui m’abordent »… un petit sentiment de supériorité à la Brad Pitt….?

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  52. hoping for an apology is like waiting for the mountain tops to unite!I have been waiting, not for an apology, but just a few words of regret from the Egyptians. Now I know they will never come!But I am alive and doing well and that is the most important!suzy vidal , a former refugee from Egypt

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  58. I like the Baron’s attitude – he is not in despair and wish them good luck (unlike many of his readers). That’s good. If you are in despair (as many conservatives are) then you must have believed a wrong thing. I don’t blame those light-weight popular bloggers who carefully try to avoid hard questions. They don’t do any harm, and don’t do much good. But those who raise unpleasant questions are always disliked. Nevertheless, who do we remember now, the Socrates or those who gave him poison?

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  62. Marc St-PierreBonjour Clément !Juste une petite correction “historique”. En 1969, on ne parlait pas de la “Centrale” de l’enseignement du Québec, mais plutôt de la “Corporation des enseignants du Québec”.Be good !Marc

  63. Oh Terri, I missed this so much.. so they called it crumpets! My late maternal granny used to make these but didn’t really know what it is or what its called. I missed her *tsk *tsk.The thing about health food somehow appeals to those that are 25+ but upbringing also forms the habit of those born in the « civilised » society. McD, KFC and what nots are staple. Would be so glad if you are my momma hahahah

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  74. WOW, I have never thought that concept through before. You are a wonderful teacher! While reading the post and thnking of you as a teacher, I had an immediate flashback to a certain high school English teacher, pacing back and forth across the front of the classroom asking the question, ” Why did the author feel that it was important to tell you that there was a blooming rose bush near the prison door in The Scarlet Letter?” This teacher had a way of making you “think” while reading a book. You help us to “think” about our writing as well! Bless You!

  75. OldRoadie / The mix engineer should be fired. His vocals were buried. Couldn’t say for sure if he was on or off key because I couldn’t hear him. No bass and no kick drum either. From what I was able to hear, I’d say he did a great job with what he had to work with. You’ve got to hand it to a guy who can keep going at his age. I hope I can still rock when I’m almost 70.

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  77. I was actually surprised to see so many advocates for the "why can't you kids just talk like normal people?" school of thought, because I'm another one who's a terrible communicator about personal shit, especially feelings. Straight talking might further a plotline that much faster, but it's not what many actual human people do, especially after times of stress and trauma – it's easier to clam up or deflect any talk about it than go at it head-on.

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  151. Good advice. I'd add, "don't go to law school." But maybe that qualifies as an expensive liberal arts degree.One question/observation: Does your advice necessarily imply that, whatever risks to global civilization you analyze on this blog, your overall conclusion is that global civilization will roll on, and in the same hypercapitalist industrial mode it currently operates in?

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  154. It’s a shame we may loose this kid to a team that’s been through as much as they have lately… It kills me that all the big fish seem to be scared to death. In any other year I really think we would already have 3 or 4 4 star players including Bell… This SUCKS!!!

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  156. Too many people are striving to make it a race riot. It started as one, as a response to a shooting of a black man, but by this point has become a general anarchy with most participants probably unaware of who Mark Duggan is. In modern parlance, the riot has gone viral, and all the barbarians of whatever race are getting in on the action. The underlying problem is not racial, but that Western societies are reverting to the behaviors of their savage ancestors. It turns out that civilization doesn't just happen–it has to be maintained, and it disappears if it is not.

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  164. Florida should be sitting with a goose egg in the L column. Credit UGA for beating Florida, but it would be different next time around. That’s why I was hoping for a ND loss. FL-GA rematch in Miami would have been perfect redemption.

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  166. Please tell me you are kidding!! Of course parents shouldn’t teach there kids that stuff. As parents we should not only want our kids to be better then us, but also be the best person that they can be, and lying,cheating and manipulating is not the way to do it.

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  171. Spot on Dan Woog. As a parent of 2 men- one in college and one going to be a senior at Staples this year, I think you and the NYTimes have identified the too close parental involvement syndrome. While I love my boys – I do not believe I should jump, stop everything, when they forget something. I think cause and effect is a great teacher. This is learning opportunity – if parents can hear it.THank you Dr.Woog. – Gene

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  190. Well written, and I followed until the last point or two. But no matter. Maybe someone should have asked Bobby what he planned on doing with the money, and record the asset with a qualifier? Sure, he could lie, but then so could everyone. Oh wait. damn.We can’t assume the underlying assets (homes) are worth zero, after all, there is some intrinsic value to having a place to live.Small consolation, but not nothing.

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