N’ayez pas peur de l’échec !

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La peur de l’échec est un frein considérable à l’innovation et à l’amélioration continue. Osez !


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  1. Para mi lo primordial de seguir un método estructurado por pasos en un tema tan delicado (decisivo para como se desarrollará el proyecto), es que nos evita el tener que decir cómo afrontar cada nuevo proyecto y poder cometer errores ya en esta etapa antes de la ejecución. Un saludo Jero.Lo último publicado por Iago Fraga:

  2. I would also like to see a SA3, but its too late for that. And I think there will be a chao garden in generations, becuse i saw a chao in the leaks next to a kid of play box thing. That should please some people! Also I think that the characters that you free will follow you around like in sonic 2.

  3. I am so like this – follow the rules, dammit! I used to work with someone who specifically broke all the rules and it made me crazy!!!Anyway, I had this issue in colleg too. Assigned spots and someone would park in mine. I did the same as Erin – having to figure out who it was. And one time I wanted to get them towed. Sigh. People are stupid f*ckers.

  4. Congratulations Brother, I just saw your post on Facebook today so haven’t been able to download the book but will do so as soon as I get home tonight. I’m so happy for you that you were able to get this project going. Congratulations agian and thank you for this wonderful service, I will be sure to spread the word back in the Philly. Lee

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  10. I’m so proud of you !.. Good job !.. the pictures are amazing !.. you’re soo good, mash’Allah !.. keep up the good work !.. I’m gonna hire you to be my wedding photographer in the future so keep that in mind well done !! xx

  11. Hi Carol:Thanks so much — however your fix worked in all my text-edit screens except HTML mode — not sure why in light of your screen shots. Nevertheless, I added the following to your remedy and it worked:#wp-content-editor-container #contentFor what it’s worth. Thanks again!

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  15. I had a similar experience when I first started out with digital fonts–it took too long, it was a headache, and I didn’t enjoy the look. When I switched to hand lettering, it opened me up to a new world, and I love it.And while my old grad school teachers might think otherwise, hand lettering my strips is actually *improving* my handwriting.

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  25. Hello Bill,of course i started from the first one and had to smile…. so now besides not knowing what you do your mother also needs to understand that blogging is not life endangering (most of the time) .I will be surely a Bill-blig-addict so looking forward to reading some more soon!thanks Bill for telling us more and more stories!hugs from Switzerland! julia

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  31. What the heck.. LOL that’s hilarious! My maids are incredibly lazy and I fire them often for doing weird things, but I have never had one drop my clothes off outside my place and leave them there. LOL. Love reading your adventures so far.

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  38. Oh Ellie! I enjoyed your blog from day one and you're one of the first people who responded to my newbie Tweets with kindness and encouragement.All the very best to you and your family. I'd like to think it's not so much farewell as 'see you later'.Take care,Monica xx

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  51. Jeg har lige hygget mig med at være pÃ¥ tur hele vejen fra Frederiksberg Allé til vores nye hus pÃ¥ Havdrupvej. Hyggeligt 🙂 Der er noget fascinerende ved at kunne gÃ¥ sÃ¥ tæt pÃ¥, i et kort. Dejligt du fik lavet saft. Jeg tror jeg blir nødt til at lave en omgang mere, for den fik hurtigt ben at gÃ¥ pÃ¥ den flaske jeg fik lavet 🙂

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